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Could your next putt be the one that wins the game and makes you the winner of the day’s round of disc golf? Every disc golfer knows the importance of a reliable putter, not just for those nail-biting moments but for confidently gaining strokes throughout the game. So, how do you find the best disc golf putter that feels like an extension of your arm?

Our Top Picks

Our #1 Top Pick: Discraft Luna

The Discraft Luna has rapidly become a favorite among disc golf professionals and enthusiasts alike. This putter is a signature model of professional disc golfer Paul McBeth. It’s known for its excellent grip and straight flying path. Constructed with a unique blend of rubber and plastic, the Luna is designed to feel comfortable in any hand and provides a consistent release for putts and approaches alike. Its firmness is just right, offering a steady flight without being too rigid, which makes it a great choice for players of all skill levels.

Pick #2: Gateway Wizard

Another revered option among disc golfers is the Gateway Wizard. This putter has been around for a while and has built a reputation for its reliability and predictability on the course. The Wizard comes in various plastic blends, allowing you to choose the perfect feel and flexibility. The high-grade plastic options also mean the Wizard can endure many rounds of play without significant wear. Its slightly overstable flight pattern helps manage winds, and the deep rim offers a comfortable grip for consistent putting.

Pick #3: Innova Aviar

The Innova Aviar is somewhat of a legendary disc in the disc golf community, and for good reason. Known as one of the most popular putters ever made, the Aviar provides a combination of comfortable grip, durability, and reliable performance. It’s been a staple in players’ bags for decades, trusted for its straight flight and minimal fade at the end of its path. The Aviar’s versatility also makes it an ideal disc for beginners who are learning different putting techniques.

Pick #4: Dynamic Discs Judge

Combing reliability with versatility, the Dynamic Discs Judge is noteworthy for its feel and stability. Whether you’re putting or approaching, the Judge delivers consistent performance. It features a beaded rim, providing additional stability and a smooth release. Players often praise the Judge for its ability to hold a line, meaning it won’t turn or fade unexpectedly. The plastic options range from soft and supple to firm and premium, giving you the ability to choose based on preference and play style.

Pick #5: Axiom Envy

Rounding out our top picks, we have the Axiom Envy. The Envy shines in its straight-to-stable flight path and is particularly adept for more aggressive putts and controlled upshots. Its low-profile design and slightly overstable nature make it a great disc for cutting the wind and nailing tight lines. In addition, the array of vivid colors and plastics to choose from certainly doesn’t hurt its popularity among those who like their discs to stand out visually on the course.

What to Know Before You Buy

  • The Basics: Understand that a putter is not just for putting. It’s also used for short drives and approaches where accuracy trumps distance.
  • Materials: Putters come in a variety of plastic types. Some prefer a firmer plastic for a consistent feel, while others prefer a softer material for better grip and control.
  • Stability: Stability is an indicator of how the disc will fly under specific conditions. Discs can be overstable, stable (straight-flying), or understable. Choose one that matches the throwing style and conditions you often play in.
  • Rim Configuration: The depth and shape of the rim can affect grip and release. Thicker rims can offer more control, while thinner rims might be easier for some players to handle.
  • Durability: A good putter should withstand countless rounds without altering its flight characteristics. Opt for a disc that promises longevity, even if it costs a bit more.
  • Skill Level: Some putters are more forgiving and suitable for beginners, while others offer more advanced players fine-tuned control. Consider your skill level when selecting a putter.
  • Weighs: Heavier discs tend to be less affected by the wind, but they may also be harder to throw for beginners. Find a weight that you’re comfortable with and that suits your game style.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

  • Feel: The putter must feel good in your hand. Comfort leads to confidence, and confidence leads to better putting.
  • Flight Path: Consider what kind of flight path suits your game. Do you need a putter that holds a straight line, or would you prefer a bit of fade?
  • Wind Conditions: If you often play in windy conditions, a slightly heavier and overstable putter could improve your game.
  • Putting Style: Your putting style (spin putter, push putter, etc.) will greatly influence the type of putter best suited for you.
  • Aesthetics: While not as critical as other factors, the appearance of your disc can impact your mood and attitude during play. Choose a disc that makes you happy to see in your bag and hand.
  • Price: Though not exceptionally expensive, some high-end putters can be pricier. Determine how much you’re willing to invest in your putter.
  • Brand: Some players are loyal to certain brands due to their company’s history, quality of products, or community involvement. Take the brand into consideration if it matters to you.

Why Trust ChooseRight?

When it comes to selecting the best disc golf putters, we at ChooseRight take our responsibility seriously. We’ve put in the research, reviewing thousands of customer testimonials, professional player feedback, and dissecting every minute detail of each disc’s design and performance. We’ve compared the discs in various conditions, from calm days to gusty afternoons, ensuring our picks stand up to the diverse environments you’ll play in.

Our top selections reflect not only a cross-section of the market’s best offerings but also include choices that cater to a wide range of preferences and skill levels. You can trust our reviews because they’re based on solid, unbiased, and comprehensive research, striking the perfect balance between expert advice and community consensus.

Finishing Thoughts

Finding the best disc golf putter that suits your hand and playstyle is no small task, but it’s an essential one. The right putter can make your game more enjoyable and shave strokes off your score. Use the information provided here, trust your personal preferences, and consider the top picks outlined above. Remember, the goal is to find a putter that works not just for any game, but for your game – the one you feel confident and comfortable with as you step up to make that game-winning shot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a disc golf putter different from other disc golf discs?

A disc golf putter is designed for short-distance throws and maximum accuracy, often having a deeper rim and a more rounded edge compared to mid-range and driver discs. They fly slower and are less affected by wind, making them better for precise shots needed when putting.

Should I choose a soft or hard putter?

It’s a preference based on your playing style. Soft putters can stick to chains better and reduce bounce-outs but may deform or wear faster. Hard putters maintain their shape and may provide a more consistent release.

What is the best weight for a disc golf putter?

Most players prefer putters that are close to the maximum weight limit (175g), as they are more stable and less affected by the wind. However, some may opt for a lighter weight for a different feel or putting style.

How many putters should I carry in my bag?

Most players carry at least two putters: one for actual putting and another for practice or different types of shots like approaches or drives. Some may carry more if they require different putters for various conditions or specialized shots.

How do I choose the best putter for my grip and style?

The best way to choose is by trying out different putters to see which ones feel comfortable in your hand and complement your putting style. Factors to consider are rim depth, disc diameter, texture of the plastic, and overall disc stability.

Can I use my putter for other shots besides putting?

Yes, putters can be very versatile and are often used for approach shots or short drives. Many pros use putters off the tee on shorter holes due to their precision and control.

How often should I replace my disc golf putter?

This depends on the wear and tear your putter experiences. If you notice a change in its flight path or if it gets significantly damaged, it might be time to replace it. Some players also like to have a consistent feel and may replace their putters before any noticeable wear occurs.

What are some of the most popular putter models used by professional disc golfers?

Popular putter models among professionals include the Innova Aviar, Discraft Luna, Dynamic Discs Judge, and Gateway Wizard. These models have proven to be reliable for many top players, but personal preference plays a significant role.

Are there specific rules about putters in official disc golf tournaments?

The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) has specific regulations on the dimensions and characteristics of all discs used in play, including putters. They must meet certain size and weight requirements and pass a certification process.

Do I need a special putter for windy conditions?

While not necessary, some players prefer using a heavier and more overstable putter in windy conditions to counteract the wind’s effects and maintain a consistent putting line.

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