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Garlic peelers are a cheap, kitchen essential. However, it can get quite complex to find the one that’s right for you. Before purchasing one, take a look at our recommendations and in-depth buyer’s guide and learn what features you should consider when purchasing one.

The Best Garlic Peelers

A garlic peeler is a simple tool used to remove individual cloves from an unpeeled chunk of fresh garlic. With a quick twist and pull, you can easily peel the cloves off. There are many different types of available, including manual and electric.

Manual garlic peelers are simple and easy to use. All you have to do is place the clove or clove on the peeler, pull, giving it a little twist for better results. Electric garlic peeler is designed to make peeling faster and easier by peeling large chunks of garlic at once.

Benefits of Garlic Peeler

  1. If you are peeling lots of garlic, a manual garlic peeler will work perfectly. You can also use it to peel cloves from the end of a whole bulb of garlic.
  2. Garlic peelers can come in handy when you are preparing food that requires large amounts of garlic such as roasting or smearing on pizza dough or breads and other baking applications. It is perfect for grating, mincing, mashing, dicing, and pureeing it all together in various recipes for salads, soups and dips. It is an essential tool for serving roasted garlic fries at your next gathering or barbecue party!
  3. You can also use it to keep fingers from burning when you peel the garlic.
  4. At home, you should not use more than one clove per peeler for precautionary reasons. It is recommended to ensure that you are familiar with just how much of a clove should fit into each hole of the garlic peeler.
  5. Garlic can cause allergic reactions and may also contain some antibiotic properties that are present in the natural resistance of our body to fight pathogens such as bacteria and fungal agents. Therefore, you have to be careful when using garlic and keep it away from children because it can trigger asthma attacks and cause swelling or redness on the skin which indicate a severe allergic reaction in some individuals.
  6. Garlic peelers help you inseminate the garlic cloves. By doing this, you avoid ripping out a lot of the cloves when you are trying to extract them from their sheath.
  7. Garlic peelers can help you to detach an entire clove without injuring your fingers or cutting yourself with sharp blades, or bruising yourself if you do not have enough force behind the blade.

Important Factors to Consider Before Buying a Garlic Peeler


Garlic peelers come in different sizes. There are smaller and larger ones. The smaller ones are ideal for individual cloves or for peeling garlic that has not been peeled previously or it is too big. The larger ones are best suited for those who find them easier to handle

Material Type

Most peelers are made of stainless steel, plastic, cast aluminum or wood.


Your comfortability with the garlic peeler is very important to consider because you will be using it for quite some time when preparing meals and food at home, so if you do not enjoy using it, then you might as well throw it away and buy a different one. 4. Price


Price is another important consideration to keep in mind when purchasing an garlic peeler. You do not need to pay a lot of money for a high-end, premium model. You can find relatively cheap ones that are just as effective, and they can last for several years. If you want something that will last longer, then consider going with one that is made of stainless steel or plastic because it will be able to withstand heavy use for quite some time.


When considering the weight of the garlic peeler, you have to be aware that some are fairly light and others are heavier. If you are looking for something light, then the lighter ones will work just fine. However, if you think it will take more force to operate it, perhaps then you should look for something heavier.

Ease of Cleaning

Another important consideration to bear in mind is that some garlic peelers are dishwasher safe and others can only be hand washed with some warm soap and water. Sometimes it may also be difficult to clean a garlic peeler due to its design features such as crevices or holes where the clove is held in place while peeling it off. This requires a tiny bit of elbow grease in order to get it completely clean after usage. It would also be best to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how the garlic peeler should be cleaned.

Different Types of Garlic Peeler

Wood Garlic Peelers

Wood is a natural material and it is hygienic. If you are looking for quality and durability then wood garlic peeler is a good option. You can find wooden garlic peelers in different designs, sizes, shapes and materials. There are many different types of wood from which they are made such as bamboo or beechwood, but the most popular ones are made from acacia wood or boxwood.


They are also called as knives because of their shaped blades which are designed to peel garlic cloves easily without any damage to the fingers or hands. That is why they are carefully used in kitchens and professional restaurants. Most of them have a sharp blade and pointed tip which makes it easy for cutting through the skin easily. You can find one with plastic or wooden handle and made from stainless steel, aluminum or plastic. It is either single-blade or double-blade knife depending on the size that you want to purchase. They come with various sizes, shapes, designs and materials that vary from each manufacturer as well as from the different regions where they are manufactured so that you can choose among various options.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel garlic peelers are not very popular because it is not easy to hold the clove with this peeler as compared to others. It is designed in a way that can be used with the hand, which makes it more versatile and efficient to use. To use these stainless steel garlic peeler, you have to put one end of clove inside its hole on the peeler and rotate it from outwards.

Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying a Garlic Peeler


What are the benefits of using garlic peeler?

This is an important question to ask yourself before buying a garlic peeler because you need to be aware of the advantages that come with using a garlic peeler for cutting and peeling cloves from the head. You are able to get more than one clove at a time, and this is very useful especially for preparing meals at home or when you are looking for some extra ingredients for your favorite recipe.


How I am going to use it?

Another important question to ask yourself is how you are going to use the garlic peeler. Is it for your home or commercial use? Are you going to use it just with small cloves or with larger ones as well? Will you be peeling a few cloves at a time or will you be peeling many at one go? All these questions will help you determine which type of garlic peeler is best suited for your needs. It will also help you distinguish between what is important and what is not.


How much is your budget?

Another important question to ask yourself is how much money you are willing to spend on a garlic peeler because it will help you narrow down the options and choose among various models of various brands and prices. You will be able to narrow down the search from hundreds of different options. It will also help you avoid wasting time looking through all those that are not good enough and overpaying for something that is unnecessary in your kitchen or in your home.


How durable is the garlic peeler?

Another important question to ask yourself is how durable is the garlic peeler? Will it last for a long time or will it break down after just a few months of usage? You need to consider these features when choosing an available garlic peeler in your preferred price range.


Does the manufacturer provide some type of warranty?

This is quite important especially when you are going to purchase a garlic peeler that comes with a warranty. The best way to know if the manufacturer provides some type of warranty is by checking how long it takes for them to honor their own replacement or refund policy. You will be able to find out more about the replacement policy by looking for a model with the “Warranty” label on their product page.


Does it come with carrying case?

There are those garlic peelers that come with a carrying case, all these can be very useful so you might also want to consider purchasing one of those models instead of an individual model for hygienic storage.

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