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Ginsu Knives are renowned for their surgically sharp blades that glide effortlessly through meat without the mess or struggle some other brands require to cut useable pieces from a roast chicken or shoulder steak. Before we dive-in into our Ginsu Knife’s buyers guide, here is what we believe to be the 5 best Ginsu knives that are worth every cent.

The Best Ginsu Knives

Factors to Consider Before Buying Ginsu Knives

There are several factors that you need to consider such as the number of Ginsu knives you regularly use and what type of food they’re used for.

The first step is choosing the right Ginsu knife for your needs. Choose one or two Ginsu knives that resemble your regular cooking utensils and those that you frequently use when barbecuing or cooking meats at home. If you only have one Ginsu knife, then it can be used for all your heavy duty jobs while using regular kitchen utensils for lighter cooking operations.

For medium-sized cuts of meat, choose a Ginsu knife in between 10″ and 12″. For large cuts, buy a Ginsu knife that’s around 14″ or bigger. The Ginsu knives that you purchase should be evenly balanced, so pay attention to the weight distribution to avoid unwanted movements as you cut your ingredients.

Slice through meats using Ginsu knives, whether it is for slicing bread or peeling a banana!

Ginsu knives are manufactured using two different types of cutting edge: fixed and spring-steel. The fixed edge Ginsu knives can be used on different materials including wood and ceramic while the spring-steel can be used only for cutting meat, poultry or vegetables.

Smaller Ginsu knives are ideal for slicing meat and poultry. Some larger Ginsu knives are used to cut tomatoes or potatoes, while other Ginsu knives cut bread and cakes. Larger Ginsu knives can also be used to mince herbs if you’re a veteran chef who loves to cook with fresh ingredients.

Here is a buyers’ guide that will help you shop for top Ginsu knives. These Ginsu knives are our favorite and they’re all guaranteed to slice and dice without the mess or struggle.

Ginsu Knife Buyer’s Guide – In Order of Ideal Use

The most important thing when looking to buy a Ginsu knife is knowing which type of Ginsu knife you need before going shopping.

The fixed blade Ginsu knives are used by chefs who use Ginsu knives on a daily basis to cut meat, vegetables and fruits; mashed potatoes and other foods used for garnishing purposes. Fixed-blade Ginsu knives typically have either 4 or 6 inches of blade, but no less than 3 inches. The fixed-blade Ginsu knives are recommended for slicing beef, eggs, bread and other similar foods.

Another type of Ginsu knife is the fixed-edge Ginsu knives which have a stainless steel blade with a diamond pattern on its blade and a round handle.

The diamond-pattern on its blade will allow you to cut fruits like apples, pears and pineapple. The round-handle allows you to grip your Ginsu knife easily while slicing breads or fries smoothly without the need to use both hands. There are also Ginsu knives with the fixed blades that are made from carbon steel or cast alloy steel and therefore are stronger than the stainless steel ones.

These carbon steel or cast alloy Ginsu knives can withstand years of repeated use and also resist corrosion like rust and stain.

The second type of Ginsu knife is the spring-steel blade which is ideal for cutting meat, poultry, and vegetables. The spring blade allows the knife to be sharpened more easily than a fixed blade as the spring acts as a shock absorber which absorbs force from hard impacts in order to make it easier on your hands. The handle of this type of Ginsu knife is usually made from plastic or wood which has a hole at the center; through which you will place your fingers while holding the Ginsu knife. The Ginsu knives with the spring-steel are ideal for slicing bread, potatoes, zucchinis and similar foods.

The third type of Ginsu knife is a Ginsu knife that has a stainless steel blade with a triangle pattern. This type of Ginsu knife is good for cutting fruits like oranges and other citrus fruits. The triangular pattern on its blade will allow you to cut vegetables like carrots or cucumbers easily.

The fourth type of Ginsu knife is the plastic handle which used for slicing breads, meat, poultry or vegetables.

The fifth type of Ginsu knife is the Ginsu knife with a wooden handle. The wooden handle gives the knife a traditional look and feel with its texture.

The sixth type of Ginsu knife is the Ginsu knife with a handle that has a short piece of plastic or plastic material sticking out at the bottom for easier cutting. The scissors-shape design of this Ginsu knife makes it ideal for cutting chicken, fish and other similar foods.

The seventh type of Ginsu knife is the Ginsu knife with a special shape and design that lets you cut pizza easily by pushing down on the top handle while slicing and cutting your ingredients.

What Makes Ginsu Knives Special?

The Ginsu knives have a unique design which makes it different from other cutlery utensils. The common feature of this type of cutlery is the positive tone and the name given to this product, which is also the trademark of this knife company. The name is derived from an ancient Japanese story where a Samurai warrior refused to surrender his sword even as he was told that his master was dead. The Ginsu knives are designed for heavy duty use; can be used by both right-handed and left-handed people, as well as in restaurants. In this article on Ginsu knife we will cover various features of these products and will also answer the question why you should buy these knives for your kitchen.

Why you should buy Ginsu knives?

The Ginsu knives are the type of kitchen knife that you can buy and use for a long time without any problem. The secret lies in the features of this product. The edges of these cutlery utensils are made from high quality stainless steel or carbon steel which helps them to retain their sharpness as well as strength. The handles used in these products are ergonomically designed to provide you with maximum comfort when using them, no matter what the task is. The positive tone and Ginsu name further enhances the image of this product, giving it an edge over other kitchen cutlery products available in market today. So if you are looking for a knife that is strong, sharp, durable and made from high quality materials do not look any further than the Ginsu knives.

How to take care of your Ginsu knives?

Keep your kitchen knives in tip-top condition by cleaning them immediately after use. Never leave them to dry on the draining board; they need to be cleaned properly and dried off before putting them away. Oil your blade every time you use the knife. Sharpening may be needed occasionally according to how often you use the blade; but try not sharpening the blade too much as that will affect its quality and strength. Never use a knife that is not in good condition. If your knife is getting blunt and you feel it is dangerous to use then throw it away. Never try cutting hard objects with a blunt knife as that can damage the blade permanently.

How to properly use a Ginsu knife?

The Ginsu knives are very simple and easy to use as they are designed for heavy duty purposes. In this article on Ginsu knives we will discuss how you can properly use these kitchen cutlery products so that they will last long in your kitchen without any problem.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Ginsu Knives

The first question to ask yourself is whether you need to buy new Ginsu knives. If your knife is blunt and you do not feel safe using it then you should consider replacing it with a fresh one. Do not buy a Ginsu knife that has less blades on the handle as they will be difficult to use and will also make the knife dull. For best results, always consider the number of blades and the material on which the blade is manufactured before buying.

The second question to ask yourself if whether you need a Ginsu knife at all. If your food cutting is very simple then think twice before buying this type of kitchen cutlery product as they are designed for heavy duty purposes only. Ginsu knives are ideal for cutting meat, poultry, fish and vegetables.

The third question to ask yourself is where can you buy your Ginsu knives from. You may purchase them from the official website of the manufacturer or you can shop online; where you will find various Ginsu knives at great prices. Prices for these cutlery products vary according to their quality and features. Thus if you are on a limited budget maybe shopping at the local supermarket will suffice.

The fourth question is whether you can buy Ginsu knives that are used or refurbished. This might cost you less but if you are a conscious buyer and desire a new product with full guarantee then this option will not be suitable for you.

The fifth question to ask yourself is what do you want in your Ginsu knives. Are the features stated on the packaging important to you? Do you want your kitchen knife to be durable, strong and have high quality blades? These questions will help give clarity to what exactly you want in your kitchen cutlery product. For best results always buy from an established and reputable manufacturer of cutlery products.

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