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Have you ever considered the art of lock picking—an invaluable skill for a locksmith, a useful talent for an emergency, or simply a fascinating hobby? Selecting a robust set of lock picks is not just about choosing any old toolset; durable materials, varied pick selections, and comfortable handles come into play. But with numerous options on the market, how do you determine the best lock pick set for your needs?

Our Top Picks

Our #1 Top Pick: Peterson GSP Ghost Lock Pick Set

When it comes to lock picking, Peterson is a name that resonates with quality and effectiveness. The GSP Ghost Lock Pick Set is our top pick for a multitude of reasons. This set is crafted from Government Steel, renowned for its strength and durability. It includes a range of picks and tension tools optimized for various locks, providing versatility to both beginners and experts. The handles are designed for comfort, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use. While it might come at a higher price point, investing in a Peterson set means choosing tools that can last a lifetime if properly maintained.

Pick #2: SouthOrd PXS-14 Beginners Lock Pick Set

The SouthOrd PXS-14 is an excellent starting ground for beginners looking to delve into lock picking. It offers a well-rounded selection of 14 pieces, including nine picks and five tension tools. The metal handles are covered with reinforced plastic, ensuring a comfortable grip. What makes this set stand out for novices is the inclusion of a basic instructional manual, providing an introduction to various picking techniques. SouthOrd is a respected name in the lock picking community, and this set is both affordable and of good quality.

Pick #3: Sparrows Tuxedo Lock Pick Set

With its sleek appearance and comprehensive tool range, the Sparrows Tuxedo Set is another favorite for enthusiasts. This set is compact enough to fit in your pocket, making it a superb choice for lock pickers on the go. It includes a variety of hooks, rakes, and tension wrenches, all made from stainless steel. Each tool is finished with a smooth black oxide that not only looks great but offers corrosion resistance. The Tuxedo set is a mid-range option that doesn’t skimp on quality, making it suitable for both experienced and novice pickers alike.

Pick #4: Brockhage BPS-15 Professional Lock Pick Set

The Brockhage BPS-15 merits attention for its professional-quality tools, designed to cater to the seasoned lock picker. This set is a collection of 15 pieces, including nine picks and six tension tools, all constructed from high-quality stainless steel. The metal handles offer a solid grip, and the set comes encased in a leather zipper case for easy transportation. Whether tackling standard pin tumbler locks or more complex mechanisms, the Brockhage BPS-15 provides a range far-reaching enough to meet the needs of professional locksmiths.

Pick #5: Multipick Elite G-Pro Lock Pick Set

Last but certainly not least, the Multipick Elite G-Pro Lock Pick Set is a choice for those who demand the finest German engineering in their lock picking tools. This high-end set is an assortment of precision-crafted picks and tension tools, all made with a special steel alloy that promises superior bending strength and feedback. Each pick is designed with attention to detail, featuring ergonomic handles for a snug and comfortable grip. The price point reflects the premium quality, making this set best suited for those who are serious about their lock picking craft.

What to Know Before You Buy

  • Variety is Key: A good lock pick set should have a variety of tools to tackle different locks. Look for a set that includes a range of hooks, rakes, and tension wrenches.
  • Material Matters: The durability of your lock picks is essential. Tools made from stainless steel or specialized alloys tend to last longer and resist bending or breaking during use.
  • Handle Comfort: Lock picking can sometimes be a delicate process requiring patience. Therefore, handles that provide a comfortable grip to reduce hand fatigue are an important consideration.
  • Portability: If you’re often on the move, consider a lock pick set that is compact and comes with a case for ease of transportation.
  • Legal Implications: Understand the laws surrounding lock picking in your area before making a purchase, as ownership of lock picks can be restricted in some regions.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

  • User Level: Are you a novice, hobbyist, or a professional locksmith? Your expertise level should influence the complexity and breadth of the set you choose.
  • Build Quality: Look for sets that are known for their robust construction and quality assurance from reputable manufacturers.
  • Price: Prices can vary from affordable sets for beginners to high-end kits for professionals. Determine your budget before diving in.
  • Feedback: The tactile response from your tools can be crucial for successful picking. Higher-quality picks tend to offer better feedback, allowing for finer manipulation of lock components.
  • Reviews and Recommendations: Consider the experiences of other lock pickers by reading reviews and seeking recommendations from the community.

Why Trust ChooseRight?

Our reviews are the culmination of extensive research, including the analysis of thousands of customer testimonials as well as feedback sourced from seasoned professionals. At ChooseRight, we’ve dedicated the time to rigorously test each product, ensuring you get a review that’s based on real-world performance. Our insights are provided with the goal of empowering you to make the most informed decision for your lock picking needs. Trust us to provide expert guidance in selecting the best lock pick set tailored just for you.

Finishing Thoughts

Finding the best lock pick set may seem daunting, but armed with the right knowledge and guidance, you can decide with confidence. Whether you’re just starting out in the world of lock picking or you’re a veteran locksmith in need of high-grade tools, there’s a set out there that’s perfectly suited to your requirements. Use the tips and recommendations provided to navigate the options and choose the ideal kit that’s a lock-pick match made in heaven!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lock pick set?

A lock pick set is a collection of tools used to manipulate and open locks without the use of a key. These sets typically include a variety of picks, tension wrenches, and sometimes other specialized tools such as rakes or bump keys, which are designed to work with different types of locks and locking mechanisms.

Is it legal to own a lock pick set?

The legality of owning a lock pick set varies by country and sometimes within regions of a country. In many places, owning lock picking tools is legal as long as they are not used for criminal purposes. However, some areas may have specific laws against possessing such tools, so it is important to check local regulations before acquiring a set.

What should I look for in the best lock pick set?

When choosing the best lock pick set, consider the quality of the materials, variety of tools included, the type of locks you plan to work with, the experience level the set caters to (beginner or advanced), and the portability of the kit. It’s also advisable to check for reviews and brand reputation.

How do I use a lock pick set?

Using a lock pick set typically involves inserting a tension wrench into the lock to apply a slight rotational force, similar to what a key would do. Then, a pick is used to manipulate the pins inside the lock until they line up correctly and the lock can turn. It requires practice and a good understanding of how locks work.

Can I teach myself how to pick locks?

Yes, lock picking is a skill that can be self-taught with the help of instructional books, online tutorials, and practice. However, it requires patience, practice, and a willingness to learn the mechanics behind locks.

What are the common types of picks in a set?

Common types of picks include the hook pick, diamond pick, rake pick, and ball pick. Each type is designed for different techniques and types of locks.

Are electric lock pick guns better than manual picks?

Electric lock pick guns can be faster and require less skill compared to manual picks, making them useful for professionals who need to open locks quickly. However, manual picking provides more control and feedback, which is advantageous for learning the nuances of lock picking.

Do lock pick sets come with a warranty?

Warranties on lock pick sets vary among manufacturers. Some may offer a warranty or guarantee on their products, while others might not. Always check the product information for warranty details when purchasing a set.

What’s the difference between a beginner and an advanced lock pick set?

A beginner lock pick set generally includes the basic tools needed to start practicing and tends to be more forgiving for those still learning the technique. An advanced set includes a wider variety of specialized tools and may require more skill to use effectively.

How do I maintain my lock pick set?

To maintain a lock pick set, keep the tools clean and dry to prevent rust or corrosion. Store them in a case to protect them from damage, and consider lubricating them occasionally with a lock lubricant to ensure smooth operation. Regularly inspect your picks for signs of wear and replace any that become bent or damaged.

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