Best Black Lipstick of May 2024

Black lipstick may not be for everyone, but it does have plenty of perks! If you want to feel sexier, darker, and stronger than ever before, black lipstick might be the perfect addition to your beauty routine.


There are various brands in the market for black lipstick. After reading over 8,000 consumer reviews and testing out the best 20, we filtered down the list even further to bring you the best 5 black lipsticks money can buy.

Top 5 Best Black Lipsticks (Full Reviews)

1. Manic Panic Raven Lethal Black Lipstick Review

10Expert Score
The best black lipstick

Many people are prone to associating black with death and negativity. However, this does not mean that all people who wear black are dark creatures. Black is usually most popular among those who have a dark sense of humor and those with an affinity for dark clothing in general. But some people just love the way it looks on their lips, too!

This Manic Panic Raven Lethal Lipstick is one of the best products I have tried so far. Its smooth texture moisturizes my lips and leaves them feeling lovely! The color stays on all day long, even when I eat or drink something oily! Plus, since it's so matte and dries quickly once applied, you don't need to worry about smudging anything after applying it.

A lot of people ask me about this lipstick when I wear it out somewhere public. I know this sounds strange, but people actually think that it is either black eyeliner or the best quality black lipstick! So yes, I'd say that the color is probably what makes this a good product.

If you like the look of black on your lips, or if you just want to try something new and exciting in general, then I highly recommend trying out Manic Panic Raven. What harm can come from testing out a new beauty product? Now go and look great at that Halloween party tonight!

The Manic Panic Raven Lethal black lipstick is a hip and unique lip color that can be used for many different occasions. It makes a great addition to a dark, Goth-themed makeup look or just as a statement shade on its own.

This is not the first time I've tried the Raven from Manic Panic, though. I usually love their products and have tested quite a few of them. They are known for being vegan and cruelty free, which are two things that I love to support! Their lipstick in particular has become my favorite shade of all time.

The texture is spot on and creamy without being too heavy or greasy on the lips. It lasts for hours on end even without reapplication. It's not exactly a lipstick but more like a stain, so it does look very different from other shades of black lipsticks.

Even if you don't want to go out and buy this Raven lipstick, I'd still say that they have some great other colors that you can try out. Just don't let the name "lethal" scare you off! I know it sounds dangerous, but this product is very safe to use and won't hurt your lips in any way.

  • Light Creamy Shade Of Black
  • Buttery Semi Matte Lipstick
  • Long Lasting Moisturizing Lipstick
  • Cruelty Free
  • Comes In an awesome diamond etched case
  • Smell is a bit weird

2. Revlon Super Lustrous The Luscious Mattes Lipstick, 020 Onyx Review

9.9Expert Score
Best selling black lipstick

If you're looking for a dark lipstick with a matte finish that lasts all day, then Revlon's Onyx may be the perfect color for you. What I liked most about this lipstick when I first saw it was how it looked on my lips, even though I don't really like wearing dark colors. The finish is quite matte and not overly dry or cake-like. It has a slightly creamy texture to it, but not so much that it feels heavy on your lips.

People who are more comfortable wearing dark colors will find this to be a favorite of theirs because of how pigmented and rich in color it is without being overbearing or difficult to match with other makeup items. If you're looking for the perfect black lipstick color, you may well find it in Revlon's Onyx. I really liked how Revlon made this lipstick because it didn't look like a standard, dull black but more of an oil-slick type of black color. As someone who is not always comfortable wearing dark colors, I like that it has a little bit of red to help brighten things up.

The durability of this lipstick is pretty good. It lasts all day and even seems to last through eating and drinking with no problems at all. You have to be careful not to scrape your mouth or lips on anything because you can get a lot of the lipstick off this way. I do like that it doesn't bleed or feather, though, but I think it's important to note how easily it comes off when you're eating and drinking. I'd say the only thing I didn't really like about this was how dry it seemed after applying.

Revlon Lipstick Onyx is an intense, dark black that looks more like an oil slick than any other type of black lipstick color out there.

  • Infused with agave, moringa oil, and capuacu butter
  • Undetectable feel
  • Precise bullet shape for easy application
  • So black
  • Some consumers report that color gets transferred to teeth

3. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Liquid Suede Black Lipstick Review

9.8Expert Score
Best value black lipstick

This is one of the most popular black lipsticks we currently carry. It's certainly one of our favorites, too! The pigmentation is dark enough to show up and stay on your lips for a long time; it's not too matte, so it doesn't feel too dry or tight when you wear it, and the price point is very reasonable.

This is one of the most popular black lipsticks we currently carry. It's certainly one of our favorites, too! The pigmentation is dark enough to show up and stay on your lips for a long time; it's not too matte, so it doesn't feel too dry or tight when you wear it, and the price point is very reasonable.

Black Lips are back in style and fashion nowadays. Black is the new black. Why go for Black Lips? It looks bold; Bold is Beautiful. To have Black Hair, Black Nails, and then why not have Black Lips too.

NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick is one of the dark shades from NYX's matte lipstick line. It has a creamy formula that glides on smoothly and has great pigmentation. The texture is hydrating enough so that it won't dry out your lips, but if you tend to have chapped lips, this might accentuate any dry patches you might have as it clings to them if you don't exfoliate beforehand.

  • Long wearing matte finish
  • Cruelty Free
  • Easy to apply
  • Moisturizes lips
  • Awesome value
  • Consumers report of color fading after drinking hot beverages

4. REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick Review

9.7Expert Score
Best Budget black lipstick

Do you have a dark side? You know, the one that's so deep down and hides in the shadows that it scares you at times? If so, then it is time for some black lipstick.

It may seem as though your world has a tint of darkness, but embrace your individuality! Black is an edgy hue that will make people stare and wonder what you're all about. And, if nothing else, at least when you wear black lipstick, thoughts of death won't be such a bad thing (kidding).

REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick is the best budget black lipstick with a very vibrant, super lush, and creamy texture. The creamy texture of the lipstick gives lips a very uniform and bright layer without feathering.

It is a long-lasting, non-drying, matte lipstick that will give your lips a very comfortable feeling. It resists hot drinks and food for about 2 hours.

REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick comes in many colors, but the best selling is the deep black shade, infused with vitamin E and avocado oil.

  • Super vibrant
  • Non caking, lightweight formula
  • Infused with vitamin E and avocado oil
  • Best budget lipstick
  • Glossy

5. Maybelline Color Sensational Black Lipstick Review

9.6Expert Score
Honorable mention

If you’ve ever tried “dark” colors, you know that it can be challenging to find the right shade. But when you do, it can change your life. Black lipstick doesn't mean you are a negative or evil person, but it does indicate that you have a dark side. You likely have a dark sense of humor and aren't easily amused. You find bright colors to be too flashy and attention-grabbing for your taste. Like a true black-lipstick lover, you don't go halfway.

Maybelline Color Sensational Black Lipstick is a revolutionary breakthrough in lipstick technology. It delivers a stunning all-black color that is intensely pigmented and won't fade. The breakthrough gel formula is enriched with Vitamins A and E and provides comfortable, sensual wear for up to eight hours.

Maybelline Color Sensational Black Lipstick is not a stain but actually transforms your lips into a richly pigmented black color. It's like wearing a balm that changes the color of your lips. The rich pigment remains completely intact even after eating, drinking, or kissing. With regular use, you will see lips that are fuller, more supple, and smoother than ever before.

  • Matte Finish
  • Ultra-hydrating formula
  • Superstay 24 hr Lip color
  • On the expensive side

Frequently Asked Questions about Black Lipstick

Black is a favorite color for many people, and black lipsticks are the perfect way to add a little extra edge to your look. But, there’s more to it than just picking out any old black lipstick – you need to find a color that will complement your dress.


Do you want bright red lipstick with your dark dress? Or would you rather wear something more subtle like purple or navy blue? It’s up to you! So take some time learning about what colors match well with different outfits and then try them on in person before buying them.


Black is the ideal tone for a dramatic look, but it works just as well for more conservative outfits when you want to look mysterious. These colors go well with all of these outfits. Black lipstick isn’t just for going out in jeans and a tank top or putting together a bold company. It can also be used to dress up things like an effortless black dress or business suit!

If you’re going to wear black lipstick, it’s best to wear something else that is also black. If you can’t find a top or dress that is also black, consider wearing all black clothing with some other color accents. Here are some examples of what to wear with black lipstick:

There are no strict rules when it comes to color pairing all that matters is what looks good on you. Generally speaking however, you can achieve the most pleasing results when you choose two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. This is not an absolute rule however, and it may be something to keep in mind rather than something to rigidly follow.

Black lipstick isn’t comfortable to wear, especially when you’re starting. It would help if you tried experimenting with different makeup, as black lipstick can make your skin look pale or grey. To avoid this, take a bronzer and apply it to the hollows of your cheeks and add blush along your cheekbones. You can also add eyeliner on the top and bottom of your lid, which will help open up your eyes, so they don’t look dull.

To match with black lipsticks, you should choose colors that are dark in tone, such as navy blue or purple. If you want to go for a more subtle outfit, choose soft shades such as light blue or light pink.

If you’ve been wearing black lipstick for a while and you’re looking to mix things up a bit, there are ways to dress it down so that you don’t look like a goth. For example, try wearing a black and white color-blocked dress or skirt. You can wear a tight top with some interesting cutouts so that your outfit isn’t just all about the lipstick.

The best way to apply black lipstick is using a lip liner. This will ensure that you only apply the lipstick on your lips and not on your teeth. If you’re worried about the liner coming off, then use a clear gel or balm over it. It would help if you also avoided drinking or eating while wearing black lipstick as it could quickly come off on your glass or fork.

Black lipstick is elegant, healthy, and sexy. It can make your lips look fuller and make your teeth appear whiter than they really are, making them perfect for formal occasions such as weddings and balls. Black lipstick can also evoke a sultry and seductive look, so if you’re going to a party or a club, you should wear one. Black lipsticks are great for most skin tones, and it usually doesn’t matter if it has gold or silver undertones since they will all work on any skin color.

Many brands sell black lipstick. Black lipstick tends to be more expensive than regular colored lipsticks, so make sure you buy a high-quality one that won’t dry out your lips. The best way to find the perfect shade is to test it out in a store before purchasing.

The only color that matches well with black lipstick is white. You can wear white tops or blazers to compliment your outfit when you put on a black lip. You can also wear gold jewelry with your outfit or pearl necklaces and earrings. If you’re wearing black, try wearing silver accessories.

Black lipstick is a great color for formal events such as weddings, balls, and corporate dinners. You can wear any dress with your black lipstick, including gowns, cocktail dresses, or even tuxedos. You should also wear formal makeup when wearing black lipstick to match the occasion.

Many places sell good quality black lipsticks. You can go to department stores or salons and boutiques to find the perfect one that suits your skin tone. Black lipsticks are more expensive than regular colored ones, so make sure you buy from a reputable brand with quality products. You can also buy them directly from Amazon.

You can wear black lipstick for casual events such as parties, dates, and family gatherings. Many colors match well with black lipstick, which allows you to wear various outfits while still looking fabulous. You can wear black dresses or tops with your lipstick during casual occasions. You can also wear skinny jeans and a nice pair of ankle boots to liven up your outfit. If you’re wearing black eyeliner with your lipstick, try wearing colorful earrings to match it.

Black is a color that matches well with any color in the spectrum. However, for the best combination, try pairing it with white or silver. Using a white or silver accessory like a necklace will bring out your lipstick color. Also, try wearing white or silver eye make-up with your black lipstick.

You can also wear pink and red lipstick with your black eyeliner. Try using a coral peach blusher to match it. If you’re wearing different brown shades, you can try the following shades with it: orange, purple, blue, gray, and teal.

Summing up- here’s how to apply black lipstick:

1) Start by applying foundation all over your face and neck, then you can use concealer if you need to cover any blemishes. Use powder on your nose and chin after that for extra coverage if needed.

2) Apply primer or moisturizer to your lips, so they’re soft and supple before applying your lipstick.

3) Now, you can apply black lip liner around your lips and wherever else you think is necessary. It’s best to use a gel liner or a pencil for the perfect shape. You should make sure that it’s smudge-free because if it smudges, then you’ll have to redo it and risk making a mistake.

4) If you have any small mistakes after applying the liner, use a thin brush to remove them or dab over them with concealer if they are too large.

5) Now, apply the lipstick itself using an applicator that comes in the tube. For the best results, use a lipstick brush and put on a small amount of lipstick then you can blend it in with your applicator. Apply a clear lip gloss over your lipstick to help it last longer and prevent it from cracking or looking dry. You should also apply lip balm to prevent dryness.

You can revive your old black lipstick by adding a moisturizer to it before storing it back into the tube. You can also add Vaseline, as this will help seal in moisture. If you want, you can even add chapstick for added protection against the elements.

It’s easier than you think to make your own black lipstick. All you need is some black eyeliner, a brown foundation, a small container, and either Vaseline or chapstick.

1) Start by scooping out a small amount of brown foundation with your finger and then apply it to your lips using the applicator that came with the eyeliner.

2) Next, use a liner to line both of your upper lip and then fill in both lines using the brush that comes on the opposite end of the container. Now repeat this process for your bottom lip but don’t forget to finish up by applying another coat of foundation over everything to blend well into one color.

3) Now, you can add a bit of Vaseline and chapstick over the top to help your lipstick last longer.

Black lipsticks usually last anywhere from 3-5 hours, depending on how much you eat or drink while wearing them. If you’re having a big meal, make sure to fix your lipstick in between courses. You should also avoid drinking coffee or tea while wearing it because they will cause the color to stain more quickly than usual and could even streak.

There are three main ways that you can make your black lipstick stay on longer. First, eating a meal with lipstick doesn’t tend to work well, so avoid eating while wearing it. Second, if you want to try out some new lipsticks and keep your old ones from looking dull, you can store them in the refrigerator.


This will help extend its life by making it not dry out as quickly. Last but not least, apply a clear gloss over the top of your lipstick to help it last longer and prevent cracking or dryness.

Black lipstick usually lasts anywhere from 3-5 hours, depending on how much you eat or drink while wearing it. If you’re having a big meal, make sure to fix your lipstick in between courses. You should also avoid drinking coffee or tea while wearing it because they will cause the color to stain more quickly than usual and could even streak.

Black lipsticks are usually made from waxes and oils, along with dyes that give them a specific color. Sometimes they can have synthetic ingredients such as Lake Dyes or titanium dioxide, which are added in small amounts to give it a specific hue and keep it moisturized. Black lipsticks can also have added vitamins like Vitamin E to dry out your lips.
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