Best Electric Spice Grinder of May 2024

Are you looking for a new spice grinder? Considering purchasing an electric one but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place – this comprehensive article with tons of info about what makes a good spice grinder will help you find just that! It contains information about power, ease of use, price and material.


We read over 10,000 consumer reviews and tested the 20 best electric spice grinders in order to filter down the list to feature the 5 best electric spice grinders. These are the best spice grinders on the market today and we hope this list helps you find one that’s perfect for your kitchen!

Top 5 Electric Spice Grinders (Full Reviews)

1. Cuisinart SG-10 Electric Spice-and-Nut Grinder Review

10Expert Score
The best electric spice grinder

The KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder is another popular model on the market. The all-metal blade grinds spices to a consistent size in just seconds.

The grinder is made out of stainless steel, and is very durable. It's also dishwasher safe, so clean up is a breeze after use. It has a very compact design, and is suited for anyone who does not have much counter space and has a large grinding capacity.

The KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder is a versatile grinder that's available for a decent price. It can easily grind spices and coffee beans, so it's very convenient!

  • Durable stainless-steel blades
  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Bowl holds 90 grams
  • Push-top lid for simple on/off control
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • None

2. KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder Review

9.9Expert Score
Best selling electric spice grinder

The Bodum BISTRO Blade Grinder is a very stylish spice grinder. It comes in black. The grinder is made of stainless steel, and has a durable design that's simple to use.

It grinds any size spices, from cinnamon to pepper flakes to peppercorns. When it's not in use, it can be stored upright in a cupboard. There are no complicated parts to this grinder, making clean up easy!

The Bodum BISTRO Blade Grinder is the perfect tool for any kitchen. It keeps spices fresh, and makes grinding kitchen spices quick and easy.

  • Minimum grinding noise
  • Vortex Spin Technology pulls ingredients into the blades
  • Grinder for coffee, spices, and dry herbs
  • Large capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dedicated storage lid that seals the grinding bowl for storage
  • Lid could be improved

3. Bodum BISTRO Blade Grinder Review

9.8Expert Score
Best value electric spice grinder

The Bodum BISTRO Blade Grinder is a very stylish spice grinder. It comes in a great red/black modern design. The grinder blade is made of stainless steel, and has a durable design that's simple to use.

It grinds any size spices, from cinnamon to pepper flakes to peppercorns. When it's not in use, it can be stored upright in a cupboard. There are no complicated parts to this grinder, making clean up easy!

The Bodum BISTRO Blade Grinder is the perfect tool for any kitchen. It keeps spices fresh, and makes grinding kitchen spices quick and easy.

  • Awesome value
  • powerful 150W motor
  • Sleek design
  • Compact
  • Available in 7 different colors
  • Nub button quality could be improved

4. Aigostar Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder Review

9.7Expert Score
Best budget electric spice grinder

The Aigostar Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder is another small, compact grinder that can be used for more than just spices. It has a heavy duty stainless steel blade, along with a stainless steel grinding chamber.

It comes in black. The grinders are made of BPA free plastic and blades are constructed from stainless steel. It is very sturdy, and has a powerful motor that rotates the blades at a high RPM.

This grinder comes with a one year warranty from Aigostar. That means if anything goes wrong with the grinder you can send it back to the company and get a new one.

This grinder has an ultra-fine ceramic grinding mechanism to ensure that the spices are ground thoroughly and evenly. This is especially helpful when grinding spices like star anise, Sichuan pepper, cinnamon sticks, or any other hard spice. It will grind them up into a fine powder very quickly without becoming stuck in the grinder.

The Aigostar Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder is designed for everyday use and can grind up to 2 ounces of coffee beans, or 20 ounces of other materials per minute! It is very easy to clean up after every use because of its easy open top.

  • Budget option
  • Large capacity grinder
  • Lid-activated safety switch
  • Durable stainless steel blades
  • Can grind beans and spices efficiently
  • Coffee tends to stick inside

5. Revel CCM101 110-volt Wet and Dry Coffee/Spice Grinder Review

9.6Expert Score
Honorable mention

The Revel CCM101 110-volt wet and dry coffee/spice grinder is a versatile kitchen tool that you can use as a spice grinder, dry or wet coffee bean grinder, or even a herbs and spices grinder. It can be used for all kinds of seasoning and is especially effective when it comes to grinding spices like Sichuan peppercorns and star anise.

This model has a stainless steel metal exterior design. The clear plastic lid of this dry spice grinder comes off so it's easy to clean after every use.

This grinder can be used for both dry and wet grinding. It has a rubber top to prevent it from spilling when you grind up herbs. The blades on this electric spice mill are made of stainless steel making them strong and durable, they are designed for powerful grinding. This spice grinder is compatible with 110-120v/60Hz only.

  • Simple Operation
  • Available in white & chrome finish
  • Multi purpose grinder for beans and spices
  • Wet and dry operation
  • Design is outdated and could be improved

Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Spice Grinder

Electric spice grinders have had a recent boom in popularity over manual models due to their speed, ease of use, and convenience. However with all that variety comes choice: there are many different kinds available for purchase these days. Here we’ll be going over the factors you should consider when buying one of these devices.



Do you need to grind small amounts of spices? Are you grinding for large groups or high volume recipes? Some can only hold a few tablespoons of spice; others can hold an entire cup! There are also models that are designed for both dry and wet grinding, which means they’re useful in the kitchen and elsewhere. You should know that if you plan on using your grinder for other things like coffee beans, nuts, or seeds, it’s likely not going to be as effective these products as it is with herbs.


Power source

There are three main power sources to look for on an electric grinder: AC adapter, batteries, or a USB. An AC adapter is the most common choice because it’s useful in a variety of situations. Batteries are useful if you’ll mostly be using your device outdoors or on the go. USB is still uncommon, but can be quite handy if you travel a lot and want to take your spice grinder with you.



Not only does this factor affect how easy it is to use, but it also affects how easy it is to clean. Plastic and silicone construction is most common- they’re both dishwasher safe (with the exception of some plastic pieces), and can withstand hot temperatures. Stainless steel is just as easy to clean, but you should avoid putting it in the microwave or dishwasher. Wooden models are naturally the most eco-friendly, but they can be hard to find.



Electric spice grinders can be priced anywhere from $20-$50. You should have no problem finding a suitable model for under $30, but if you’re looking for a high-quality device, expect to pay more. It can be hard to stay within your budget when there are so many options available, but do your research and you’ll find the perfect grinder soon enough!


Ease of Use

The ease of use is greatly affected by the type of construction your grinder has. Most models have a safety lock, making it difficult to accidentally turn it on while in storage. An LED or digital readout can make reading your measurements easier, but it’s not always necessary. If you’ll be using your grinder to grind both herbs and other products, like coffee beans or nuts, then the use of a separate compartment is ideal.



This factor may seem insignificant at first glance- after all, what’s the point in buying an electric spice grinder if you don’t plan on using it? However there are several devices out there designed for travelers who want to take their spice grinding experience with them wherever they go. They’re highly convenient, but may be less sturdy than their peers.


Do you need to grind herbs, coffee beans, or both?

This is one of the most important factors to consider. If you already have an electric spice mill but are looking for something a little more versatile, there are many models out there that can do the job. If you’re looking for a new electric grinder, make sure to take a look at models designed for grinding coffee beans and nuts.

Frequently Asked Questions about Staple Guns

It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions at all times when using these devices. Make sure you;re aware of how long you can hold the button down without overheating, and never leave it unattended while plugged in.

We’ve listed several factors to consider above, so make sure those are in line with your needs before making a purchase.

Usually, yes. Most plastic and silicone pieces are dishwasher safe, though some plastic parts should be hand washed. If you’re using a wooden grinder, make sure it’s thoroughly dried before putting it away again- the wood can retain moisture over time.

This really depends on a few factors. If you’re using it regularly in your kitchen, you can expect your grinder to last about 2-3 years. If you’re only using it sporadically, or only take it camping or traveling with you, it can last up to 5 years.

Definitely! There are many models out there designed especially for this purpose. These models may not be as sturdy as others, however they typically have features that make grinding spices quicker and easier than their peers.

This really all depends on your own personal preferences. Manual spice grinders are a great choice if you’re looking for something small and portable, but less convenient if you’re trying to grind several spices at once.


Electric models are a great choice for those who are striving to create healthy, freshly ground spices in their kitchen. Though they come with a higher price tag, these devices make grinding quick and easy, leaving you with more time to actually use your spices!
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