Best Glue for Porcelain Toilet Repair of June 2024

The bathroom is typically one of the most used rooms in the house, and it is unfortunate to think that something so basic as a toilet would break. Nonetheless, toilets break for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes they just wear out after years of use. Other times, they break due to misuse or improper installation.


The good news is that you can fix a broken porcelain toilet quite easily with the right products. While there are 1000’s of products on Amazon claiming to be the best “Porcelain Toilet Repair Kit”, we have read over 10,000 reviews and tested 50 kits to bring you the 5 best porcelain toilet repair kits that get the job done.

Top 5 Glue for Porcelain Toilet Repair (Full Reviews)

1. LCA(TM) White Tones DIY Surface Repair Kit for Granite, Marble and Porcelain Review

10Expert Score
The best glue for porcelain toilet repair

The liquid inside this repair kit is nano-acrylic-based. It will not harden like a traditional epoxy. The gel will flow with the porcelain instead of binding to the porcelain.

The sealant is a self-leveling gel formula that will not harden like a traditional epoxy. It will flow with the porcelain stead of binding to the porcelain. This allows you to brush it onto the porcelain and spread it around. It's super easy to use, and most likely, you'll only need one tube for the toilet repair.

LCA(TM) White Tones is a premium product that restores white tones and repairs minor cracks in ceramic, porcelain, and fiberglass toilets.

Ease of use
  • Super easy to use
  • Made in USA
  • Non-toxic
  • Can also be used on granite and marble
  • Needs 24 hours to cure/dry

2. FORTIVO Porcelain Repair Kit for Cracked or Scratched Bathtubs and Toilets Review

9.9Expert Score
Best selling glue for porcelain toilet repair

FORTIVO Porcelain Repair Kit for Cracked or Scratched Bathtubs and Toilets Reviewed!
The new cellular Fortivo porcelain repair kit is a unique solution to repairing scratches, cracks, and chips on porcelain surfaces.

I'm not a lucky person, especially in the bathroom department. I have 4 baths and 3 toilets, all needing some help, so this was the perfect time to give this product a try.

If you are anything like me, then your bathroom items are like an old car....with a few dents and scratches that have been there for years.

Fortivo is a super easy-to-use kit like a miracle... follow the directions and repair chips, cracks, or scratches in your bathroom items.

We have used this product on all sorts of bathroom items; toilets, shower surrounds, tubs, and even chipped porcelain enameled sink.

When I first started using this product, I was very skeptical, I thought it would look terrible, but it looks great, to my surprise. The repair is flawless!

Applying the product is super easy and can be done by anyone. You brush the repair onto the crack or chip of your choosing and then wipe off any excess with a clean cloth.
After you have applied the product and wiped away any excess, you wait for about an hour for it to dry and then lightly sand down with a fine-grit brush or sandpaper. This step is crucial in removing any excess material that could not be wiped away after applying the product.

Then you apply a second coat of repair to your part, being sure not to get too close to the edge since this will cause it not to dry properly....this is the step that took me a little practice to get perfect.

After you apply your second coat, you then let it sit for about 24 hours to dry completely. Then you lightly sand again with a fine-grit brush or sandpaper and clean with soap and water....and now you're done!!

Fortivo Repair Kit comes with everything you need to repair chips, cracks, or scratches in porcelain surfaces. You receive two repair material containers, 1 sanding block, and 1 cloth for the wiping process. Fortivo recommends testing the product on an inconspicuous spot before use to make sure results are satisfactory.

Ease of use
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Worked pretty well on cracks
  • Not ideal in fixing small dings

3. HOMETINKER Porcelain Toilet, Tile and Shower Repair Kit Review

9.8Expert Score
Best value glue for porcelain toilet repair

The HOMETINKER Porcelain Toilet Repair Kit is a great innovative product that has taken the hassle out of basic household repairs. This product allows you to do repairs on your toilet without dismantling parts of it.

If you need a do-it-yourself kit for minor toilet repairs, then this is what you need. It allows you to plug up leaky toilets without too much effort or time, and it has other wonderful features like stopping leaks from flappers, hinges, floating bolts, overflow pipes, and water supply lines.

It is just as easy as it sounds – mix up the two compounds to create one perfect solution for your toilet repairs. You get everything you need in one kit to make your toilet work like new again.

The benefits of this kit are many:

· You can repair your toilets without the hassle of dismantling major parts of it
· You can reuse the product if you have more than one leaky toilet because it is easy and quick to use.
· The flexible rubber molding compound used in this kit allows for a well-fitting patch that any professional plumber would be proud to use.
· If you have leaky flappers, this makes repairing them a breeze because it attaches easily with the rubber molding compound.
· The kit is great for repairing pipes, and it allows you to get the leaks fixed without dismantling too much of the toilet.
· This kit is also great for fixing toilets that leak from the hinges or floating bolts rather than having to replace these parts themselves.
· This kit is an economical solution for most toilet problems, and it also protects your floors from getting water on them.
· This kit can fix any plumbing leak, whether from the water supply lines, overflow pipes, or the flushing mechanism itself. It comes with everything you need to make your toilet last longer and look better.
· It makes a wonderful product for anyone who works on their own home or enjoys doing some minor plumbing on their house themselves.

Ease of use
  • Best value
  • Ideal for cracks and dings
  • Non-toxic
  • Can harden in 12 hours
  • Harder to apply

4. Sugelary Porcelain Repair Kit Review

9.7Expert Score
Best Budget glue for porcelain toilet repair

The Sugelary Porcelain Repair Kit comes with 2 convenient plastic tubs that are mixed. The kit also includes a tube of PVC adhesive and grout and a wooden tool to serve as a mixing stick, along with a spatula and fine sandpaper. A list of instructions is also provided to help guide customers by completing this DIY project easily and efficiently.

Sugelary Porcelain Repair Kit Product Description: The Sugelary Porcelain Repair Kit is designed to repair chipped and cracked porcelain bathroom fixtures. The kit works on two basic principles:

1) First, the PVC adhesive and grout are placed on the damaged area of the porcelain, then
2) a layer of acrylic resin is applied directly over the repair. As it dries, it hardens into a durable plastic. The Sugelary Porcelain Repair Kit can fix just about any porcelain surface that is not cracked all the way through to the point of splitting. The kit includes a complete set of instructions that guide customers through the DIY process with ease.

The Sugelary Porcelain Repair Kit is designed for DIY homeowners who wish to tackle this repair project independently. This kit is very affordable, allowing customers to repair porcelain bathroom fixtures without spending a small fortune on labor fees. Once the repair is completed, even a novice can easily tell that the fixture will look as good as new.

Ease of use
  • We got full adhesion in 12 hours
  • Very affordable
  • Non-toxic
  • Seals chips and fixes cracks
  • Needs finer sandpaper

5. MagicEzy Porcelain Tile and Toilet Repair Kit Review

9.6Expert Score
Honorable mention

This simple but effective kit is specially designed for repairing broken tile surfaces on a porcelain toilet, sinks, basins, etc... It is easy to use and can be installed in place in just a few minutes. This repair kit uses a special epoxy resin that hardens to a tough, durable, yet flexible material that does not crack or lose its shape even when dry. The kit is designed for long-lasting durability and resistance to water and most chemicals. It is simple to use; simply mix the resin with the hardener supplied in the kit and apply it over a broken tile surface. The molding process takes around 5 minutes and can be achieved without any tools or prior experience. Once it has cured, you just push the repair into place and attach it with provided self-tapping screws. You can then fill in any gaps or holes with cement or grout as required. This repair kit is suitable for use in any room in your home and can also be used in the garage or at the workplace etc...

Constructed from high-strength premium epoxy resin, which bonds well with porcelain tile surfaces, this repair kit is designed for interior and exterior applications. The product can be used for fixing a broken tile surface on your toilet, sink basin, etc... The epoxy resin material bonds strongly to both the base tile and the surrounding ceramic grout material. Only suitable for porcelain surfaces only.

Ease of use
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Lab manufactured with top grade materials
  • Flexible Finish
  • Water-based and non-toxic
  • Ideal for white porcelain
  • Hard to get the perfect color match
  • Paste shrinks when combined

Frequently Asked Questions about Glue for Porcelain Toilet Repair

Nowadays, porcelain toilet is popular because it is more easy to clean. However, porcelain toilet is also vulnerable to scratches than ceramic toilets. Scratches on porcelain toilet usually appear on the top of the tank. Toilet scratches will be more noticeable if the toilet seat color does not go well with your home color. Hence, you should be cautious in using decorative materials around your toilet such as: paper towel holder, soap dispenser and other bathroom accessories to create a scratch on porcelain toilet.

But don’t worry scratching toilet is not the end of it. You can always repair a scratched porcelain toilet with some simple remedies that are practical and effective. Repairing scratched toilet is also easier than cleaning a large clean area of porcelain ceramic. If you want to fix scratches on your toilet then we have listed above the best repair kits available in the market to get the job done.

A cracked porcelain toilet tank can be very embarrassing for you as a homeowner. It attracts others’ attention and might think that you are not a responsible person who takes his home well. A cracked porcelain toilet tank can be very annoying as it keeps growing day by day in size and can spread even further.

To replace a cracked porcelain toilet tank completely may cost you around $200-$500 depending upon your toilet’s size.

If you cannot afford to replace it, you can also try some DIY methods to repair your toilet tanks’ cracks. These methods are inexpensive, easy and effective. For repairing a cracked porcelain toilet tank, we recommend you check the above products.

If you have a broken piece of porcelain toilet tank above the water line, you can easily glue it with epoxy resin and it will look just like new. This will also solve the most common problem when the water seeps from the crack in your toilet.

The best solution for repairing a broken porcelain toilet tank is to use a bonding epoxy like LCA(TM) White Tones and to reset the pieces together on your own. It is a very effective and easy method to repair a broken porcelain toilet. You can also check the above listed products to find out the best epoxy cement available in the market for gluing your toilet.


Some precautions you must take while gluing are follow the directions precisely and do not use too much glue to seep through and cause staining on your toilet seat. The best way is to wipe off any excess glue with a Q-tip or clean cloth before it dries up on your toilet tank.

Your toilet bowl may suffer from chipping, flaking, and crazing.


Crazing is the most common problem of toilet bowls and it is caused by the expansion and contraction of the porcelain due to freezing temperatures in winter months. To repair your busted toilet bowl all you need is a little bit of Sandpaper lite grade and Porcelain Tile Adhesive. Follow the above link for fixing a toilet bowl porcelain.


If you don’t want to try your hand, you can also buy some DIY repair kits for toilet bowls like LCA(TM) White Tones Repair Kit.

A broken toilet tank lid is really annoying as it forces you to use the whole toilet seat unlike a normal seat where only the lid is damaged


To fix a broken toilet tank lid you can purchase some cheap replacement toilet tank lids that cost around $20. You can also restore your broken toilet tank lid for almost free by using a few tools. You will need a few various-sized screws, a screwdriver, and a hammer.


First of all, remove the two screws of the old lid and then install them on the new lid. Now put the new lid over the old lid to check out if it fits or not. If you don’t prefer to see a new lid, you can also paint the old lid to match your toilet seat’s color but make sure that you paint it before you install it.

Scratches on porcelain toilet tanks are very common if a person doesn’t know how to use a paper towel. It becomes tough for you to maintain cleanliness properly.


However, there are various methods available using which one can repair their toilet tank scratches easily.


Scratches mainly appear on the top of the toilet tank. You can use some common household items such as toothpaste, baking soda, and vinegar to remove them.


First of all, make a paste out of baking soda and water. Now clean the scratch area well and apply the baking soda paste to it. Let it sit for about five minutes. Now clean it off by using a soft cloth or sponge gently in a circular motion. Once done, rinse with warm water to remove any leftover residue from baking soda.


Now make some rubbing alcohol and mix it with vinegar. Now apply it to the scratch area and let it sit for a few minutes. Once done, clean the area with a soft cloth or sponge.


To remove scratches from the porcelain toilet tank, you can also use various other methods such as using toothpaste and razor, which is an effective way to get rid of toilet tank scratches but ensure that you clean it properly after using the razor or else your toilet seat will become dull instead of shiny as a new one.


TIP: An easy way to clean the toilet is to remove the seat and shove a wet rag in the hole. Then close all other drains and flush the toilet. It will suck up all of the dirty water from your toilet!


Firstly, clean the area from which you are going to apply the adhesive with a rag. Now take some super glue Porcelain chip fix on the chipped toilet tank and put the glue in the chip’s middle. Once done, let it sit for about 10-15 minutes.

You can also add some water to make sure that it settles down properly and protect your hands from getting glued together. Once it has dried, you can use some sandpaper or a sharp razor to ensure it is smooth. Lastly, you can apply a wax coat over the chipping area to make sure that the chipped area doesn’t show up.

First of all, clean the toilet well. Make sure that the chips are not filled with water. If they are, then you need to use a plunger to take out as much water from the bowl as possible. Once done, you can remove the chips using a sharp razor b, makemake sure that you don’t cut yourself in this process, to take things slow.


After cleaning and removing the chip, look for plastic patching compounds like acrylic resin or silicates in your local hardware store; once you have obtained the materials required, you can follow the instructions on the box’s back to apply silicone patching compound or glue. For sealing, you can use polyurethane sealant, which is a good alternative to silicates and resin.

To fix a cracked toilet tank, you will need to fill the crack in with silicon or epoxy adhesive. Make sure that you clean the area well before applying the adhesive. Next, you can fill in the crack with glue and let it dry. Once dried, you can use some sandpaper to smoothen it out and apply a sealant over it to ensure that leak doesn’t occur later on.
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