Best Infrared Heater of July 2024

Infrared heaters are a great way to stay warm without paying a lot. Infrared heaters are always cheaper than other heating systems, such as electric or gas heating. If you live with your kids, they are safer too because there is no risk of the heater catching fire and burning your family to death.


There are 100’s of different infrared heaters in the market, which is why we read 1000’s of reviews, tested over 80 different brands to bring you the best 5 infrared heaters money can buy.

Top 5 Best Infrared Heaters (Full Reviews)

1. Sunday Living Portable Infrared Heater Review

10Expert Score
The best Infrared Heater

The Sunday Living Portable Infrared Heater is an amazing heating solution for any home. With a sleek design, it is guaranteed to fit in with any decor, and its sleek design will keep it out of the way when not in use. This heater not only has a sleek design but comes with multiple features that make it one of the best heaters on the market.

To start, this heater is powerful! Its infrared heating system will get any room up to a cozy temperature in a matter of minutes. It has two different power settings, which allow you to control how much heat you want. This makes it great for other sized rooms and provides for maximum comfort. The Sunday Living Portable Infrared Heater operates without causing any fumes or any harmful particles in the air. It gives off no emissions and uses only convective heating, meaning no radiation is emitted from producing heat in your home.

This heater is very safe. It won't cause any damage to your valuables in your home and will keep your skin safe from burns. You can touch the surface without hurting yourself. This is great for those of you with pets and kids that are always running around the house.

It also comes with a safety auto shut off. If it tips over or is moved, it will shut off on its own and not cause any harm to property, or in worse cases, start a fire! It can be used to warm up anything from small rooms tubs to big receptions.

Heat Output
Remote Control Efficiency
  • Over-heating and tip-over protection
  • Child lock function
  • Easy to move, on four wheels
  • Elegant black metal finish
  • Remote control
  • None

2. Dr Infrared Heater DR-978 Review

9.9Expert Score
Best selling Infrared Heater

As far as features go, this infrared heater from Dr. Infrared Heater has a lot going for it. Compared to other units, it packs a punch in heat, and it also is remarkably economical when it comes to energy consumption. It has an automatic digital thermostat, so you don’t have to worry about changing the temperature.

You just set the temperature once and then let the infrared heater do all of the work for you! I love that this heater can be used in places like living rooms, basements, and even bedrooms because of how effective it can be at providing heat. It’s also great that you don’t have to worry about the noise since there aren’t any fans or venting.

This infrared heater has 1,500 watts of power, which allows it to blow out a lot of heat. It also has an automatic shut off safety feature, so if it tips over or something else goes wrong, it shuts itself off, which is really nice. Another thing that this infrared space heater does really well is how it can save you money on your home heating bill.

If you live in a place where it gets freezing, this is a great way to help save money, especially if you don’t want to install a full HVAC system in your house or apartment. Also, this infrared heater doesn’t have any fumes, which is really great because I wouldn’t say I like the idea of having a bunch of chemicals or toxins near me when I sleep. So far, this infrared heater has been the best buy for me because it works well and looks nice, and has all of these great features that make using the heater pretty convenient.

Heat Output
Remote Control Efficiency
  • Hybrid Dual heating system
  • High performance blower
  • No exposed heating elements
  • Tip-over and overheat shut off protection
  • Remote control
  • Not ideal for heating large spaces

3. Heat Storm Phoenix Infrared Heater Review

9.8Expert Score
Best value Infrared Heater

If you are looking for a way to stay warm this winter, the Phoenix Infrared Heater is an affordable and portable heating device that will meet your needs. It has multiple heat settings for you to choose from so you can find the right temperature for your space, as well as a thermostat that keeps your heated room at an even temperature, so it's not too hot or too cold.

The heat output is clean and efficient with a no-clean design, making it easy to use in smaller living spaces where dust accumulation would otherwise be a problem.

Reviews of the product are generally positive, with users reporting that they are well-made, easy to install and operate, and produce heat quickly.

The product comes with remote control for adjusting the unit's settings as well as an automatic power-off timer if you forget to turn it off.

The infrared heater has a high and low setting as well as two auto settings for different temperatures. It features a dustproof ventilation system that draws in air for efficient heat production while expelling harmful fumes and odors.

The Phoenix Infrared Heater also offers a one-year warranty for any defects or damages to the product.

Heat Output
Remote Control Efficiency
  • Remote controlled
  • Two power modes
  • Small convenient size
  • Built in thermostat with LED display
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Best value for the price
  • Wifi connectivity and control
  • Ideal only for smaller rooms

4. Heat Storm Wall HS-1000-WX Infrared Heater Review

9.7Expert Score
Best Budget Infrared Heater

As a result of the increased use of natural gas in heating appliances, many people face a higher utility bill. Whether you are watching your budget or just wanting to phase out reliance on fossil fuels, there are some great alternatives out there for staying warm but not broken. Here is our review of the Heat Storm Infrared Heater HS-1000-WX.

The HS-1000-WX provides more than just warmth—it’s also capable of drying clothes and dehumidifying the room simultaneously. It emits no harmful particles like carbon monoxide. It can be safely operated near people and pets thanks to a fanless design that does not force air over the heater core as conventional models often do.

The HS-1000-WX is also a space heater rather than a percolating heater. It’s quieter and has a safer design than typical heaters that create unwanted hot spots on the floor. This design also allows for more heating options with optional infrared reflectors to focus heat in one direction or even provide complete room coverage. Since the HS-1000-WX produces no flames, there is no need to worry about smoke, sparks, or fire—so you can leave it running all day and night without worrying about accidental fires or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Heat Output
Remote Control Efficiency
  • Best price for an infrared heater
  • Wall mount design
  • Automatically shut off power if it tips over
  • Compact Design
  • Remote control
  • Only 1000 watts, thus it can only be used to warm smaller rooms

5. Ivation Portable Electric Infrared Heater Review

9.6Expert Score
Honorable mention

Whether you spend the winter months in a dim office, a cold dorm room, or an unheated home, we've come up with your perfect solution: the Ivation Portable Electric Infrared Heater. Let's see why it quickly became our favorite device for bringing warmth and comfort into any frigid environment.

The Ivation Portable Electric Infrared Heater is among the quietest heaters on the market. It won't interfere with your sleep if you have to get up in the middle of the night! Not only does it not make a noise like other heaters — at just 27dBA — but its innovative design combines its own heating element and fan into one unit for quieter operation and more efficient energy use.
The Ivation effortlessly keeps a room at any temperature between 86 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit. With its digital display, you can adjust the temperature and set a timer for the heater to shut off after an hour of use, two hours, etc. There's even a "vacation mode" that will keep your home at a consistent temperature for up to 14 days!

This heater is incredibly quiet; you won't wake yourself or others when getting out of bed in the middle of the night. Plus, it has four built-in safety features to prevent overheating or fire hazards: overheat protection, over current protection, over-voltage protection, and anti-short circuit protection.

Heat Output
Remote Control Efficiency
  • Ecofriendly Infrared Quartz Elements
  • Built-In Digital LED Panel
  • Superstay 24 hr Lip color
  • Child Lock Feature
  • Overheat & Tip-Over Shutoffs
  • Air filter that can be cleaned
  • Stunning Dark Wood Cabinet Design
  • Comes with remote
  • On the expensive side

Frequently Asked Questions about Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters in homes are used to warm up the air, not the surface. Contrary to what one might assume, infrared heaters do not hold any unique heat surfaces’ ability as they emit electromagnetic radiation waves. These waves then touch an object and turn into thermal energy that warms it up. In the case of infrared heaters for home use, these waves are directed towards things that emit infrared radiation energy, like people or pets who require warmth and feel this type of radiant heat better than standard room temperature heating methods electric fan or central heating system.

Infrared heaters emit mostly infrared waves that are in the range between 7 and 14 microns. The higher the number, the shorter is the wavelength of these waves, meaning lower their frequency. Infrared heaters tend to work in two different ways, either by heating objects or by emitting infrared radiation energy in a given direction and being reflected. In practice, they use both strategies combined to produce an optimal heat output.

Infrared heaters are very efficient because they directly produce heat in a chosen area. They don’t need electricity to be transformed into healing energy. They only convert the electricity into infrared radiation energy that has no unwanted effects on the environment. This is a clear advantage of using an infrared heater compared to alternative heating methods.
However, infrared heaters have some disadvantages as they are considered less efficient than central heating systems or kerosene stoves used in developing countries, where they tend to be more popular because of their low cost and run time.


The following factors determine the efficiency of an infrared heater:


(1) Efficiency of electricity transformation into infrared radiation, which is usually 90%, can go down to 70%.


(2) The temperature of the room where the heater works. A room with a low temperature will reduce the efficiency because it will have more energy needed to increase the temperature. Therefore, it is better to have a room at average temperature before using an infrared heater.


(3) The surface area that should be heated up.

Infrared heaters for home use usually last for more than 5 years. They are very reliable as they are made to ensure the safe and powerful heating of your home. Their parts are generally made from metal, so the lifespan is much longer than that of a plastic product. It should also be noted that infrared heaters can be placed around children or pets without any risk whatsoever due to their high safety standards and shallow temperatures with which they work with.

Infrared heaters for home use have a very high safety standard. They are completely safe to use around children and pets as they emit no harmful radiation or substances. The only part that might be a risk of fire is the glass, as it focuses the infrared waves into the room. Therefore, it is recommended to follow simple safety rules regarding infrared heaters:



(1) They should always be placed on a flat surface so there are no vertical surfaces where the infrared waves might be reflected or refracted.
All vertical surfaces are a potential fire hazard.


(2) Be careful of the glass as it is designed to focus the infrared waves into the room and has no safety protection whatsoever. It should always be placed at least 40 cm away from any combustible material.


(3) Ensure enough airflow around the heater not to overheat and start a fire.
Temperatures for infrared heaters in homes are kept under 60 degrees, making them completely safe to use around children and pets.

Infrared heaters for home use have their parts made from metal only due to their high safety standards. Plastic and other material can be used in decorative versions, though.


Why do infrared heaters warm up an area more evenly than other sources of heating? Infrared heaters for home use work by emitting infrared radiation. This type of radiation cannot be felt, but it is the only one that can be directly absorbed by our body’s cells. For this purpose, the human body produces a natural substance called melanin, which makes our skin darker than its actual color. The fewer melanin people have, the lighter their skin will look.


Swedish researchers have discovered that infrared waves can penetrate up to 3 inches into our body are directed on the right spot. These spots are the areas that are related to our musculoskeletal system, where most of our body’s heat is produced. The deeper tissues then absorb these infrared waves and transfer the heat to other superficial tissues. This way, an area of the body is warmed up much faster than other parts.
Infrared heaters for home use have a metal cylinder as part of their design, which focuses these waves into a small area, making them more useful.
The fact that infrared heaters warm up an area more evenly than any other source depends on another factor: they emit no cold beams, making a room colder in some areas while others are warm.


Infrared heaters for home use can be divided into two main types:


Whole room infrared heaters:


These are large, rectangular devices that sit on the floor and radiate waves through the whole room. They can warm up a living or dining room from 4 to 15 square meters. To get a more significant area, a few of these can be placed together. They are low-maintenance devices even though they need a little cleaning once in a while. Some models have wheels for easy relocation from one place to another. In contrast, others come with an adjustable height to be used under beds or furniture without disturbing their position.


Commercial and professional infrared heaters:


These sit on the floor or hang from the ceiling. They are often used in restaurants, hotels, spas, and offices. Their size is twice as large as the ones for home use, and they ventilate a larger area of their surroundings. They come with wheels for easy relocation or an adjustable height to allow them to be used under beds or furniture without disturbing their position.

Infrared heaters for home use have been in use for decades, meaning that they are extremely safe and reliable.

Infrared heaters are very easy to clean, either using a damp cloth or brushing their surfaces with a little water.


Coldwater is recommended to prevent any damages caused by water vapor released from boiling water.

It is recommended not to use abrasive cleaners or liquids as they might damage the surface.
After washing the surface, dry them off immediately with a clean cloth. If you leave the heater in a wet state, it might grow mold or bacteria due to the electricity running through it.

An infrared heater is a self-regulating device that tends to maintain a stable temperature at all times. Its electric heating element uses thermodynamics, emitting infrared waves that our body converts into heat energy.


Infrared Heaters The main difference between these two radiators is that one uses electrical energy while the other doesn’t.

Infrared heaters for home use come in many sizes and shapes. Some models can warm up only a small area, but some can cover an entire room without difficulty. The thermal radiation intensity is often measured by watts per square meter, so you should take this information into account when choosing the heater that will suit you best.

Infrared heaters for home use tend to last for a very long time, depending on the frequency they are being used and how they are kept clean. Therefore, any specific model’s life span cannot be estimated accurately until it has been used for a while. Once you get the device, you should start taking care of it and keep it as clean as possible.

Infrared heaters are extremely energy efficient because they only warm up the air in their surroundings. They have very few maintenance costs, so you can be sure that they will not damage your budget in any way.

Infrared heaters can warm up your body from inside out, and they work in only a few seconds. Once you feel warm and comfortable, your whole circulation system starts working more efficiently. This way, blood starts flowing better through the body while toxins are drained through the lymph nodes and filtered by the liver faster than usual.


This high circulation rate also helps with digestion, which means that you will get rid of toxins faster. Additionally, it helps with proper blood pressure functioning, which is very important for people suffering from high blood pressure.


Because infrared heaters generate infrared radiation, they can be used while you are inside of the room. You can also stay right next to them without worrying about being burned by the high surface temperature.
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