Best UV Nail Lamp of June 2024

Owning the best UV nail lamp is an essential item in every beauty lover’s home, especially if you’re into gel manicures.


If you love the gel manicures that you get at the salon but can’t afford to go to very often, a UV Nail Lamp is a must! These lamps are specially designed to cure gel polish quickly and evenly.


UV nail lamps work by exposing your nails to the invisible ultraviolet light emitted from a lamp. While you won’t see the light directly, it is absorbed by the nail polish and causes it to start curing quickly and evenly. This process requires minimal exposure time and has been proven to be a faster, more effective curing gel polish method at home. Please note that while these lamps are often marketed specifically for use with Gel Polish, they can be used with regular nail polish as well.


UV nail lamps are typically designed as small, portable units – however, they come in all shapes and sizes. Some are designed to work on your desk, while others have built-in stands or grips.


After analyzing over 30,000 reviews on the top UV nail lamps, we have filtered down the top 5 UV nail lamps based on what consumer’s loved the most.

Editor choice 1 Easkep UV Nail Lamp 86W

Easkep UV Nail Lamp 86W

The best of all the nail lamps and can dry your nails in 15 seconds flat. Contains 39 lamp beads and an overall drying power of  86 watts.
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Easkep UV Nail Lamp 86W Review

The Easkep nail dryer is the best of all the nail lamps. It uses UV-ray and LED light, as most nail lamps do. The benefit of Easkep lamp is that it has two round LED lights , not a square one like other nail lamps. (Other lamps have just one big square lamp to cure all your nails at once, my Easkep has two round ones). Also this lamp has a special feature to shine the led lights from below the hand by turning your hand upside down. So you can cure and dry both sides simultaneously, which other nails lamps can’t do.

Has 12 lamp beads on the top, and 24 on the sides.

86W Fast Nail Dryer, Easkep UV LED Light Gel Nail Polish Curing Lamp for Professional Salon with 4 Timer Setting...

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Best seller 2 Easkep UV Nail Lamp 120W

Easkep UV Nail Lamp 120W

10 seconds to a salon-quality manicure finish. This is Easkep's latest design, packed with tons of new features along with a decent power upgrade.
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Easkep UV Nail Lamp 120W Review

Easy and quick to use, Easkep UV nail dryer provides salon-quality treatment for at-home professional gel manicures. Most salon UV dryers are too bulky to fit in most at-home foot baths or so small they must be completely removed before the manicure process can begin. Easkep is different because it is designed for one purpose: to maximize both speed and quality during the gel manicure process.

This is a 120W nail dryer, one of the best-selling UV nail dryers on the market. The 120-watt nail dryer is significantly smaller than most salon-grade UV dryers but still manages to dry nails in just seconds through a powerful powder that penetrates the gel and allows it to be air-dried without causing any damage to the surrounding skin. Easkep is designed for home use but can easily be used by professional nail salons due to its high efficiency and ease of use.

120W UV LED Nail Lamp, Easkep Gel Nail Polish Faster Nail Dryer for 4 Timer Setting Professional Gel Lamp Portable...

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Best value 3 JEWHITENY UV Nail Lamp 72W


Unlike most UV nail lamps in the market, this product is designed for drying both hands at the same time in 15 seconds flat.
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JEWHITENY UV Nail Lamp Review

JEWHITENY UV Nail Lamp is a great nail lamp; it works great if you want a gel manicure at home in the convenience of your own room! The instructions are easy to follow.

It’s pretty quiet, so do not be scared of waking up my baby if you plan on doing your nails before going to sleep. It also has a timer, so you can set how long you want it to run for when you press start.

The only downside isn’t really a big deal with most consumers, but others may feel differently about it, and that’s the power cord is like 3 feet long! That means cord management if you’re like me and have cords everywhere! All in all, I think it’s a great product.

Gel UV LED Nail Lamp Jewhiteny Nail Dryer 72W Nail Gel Polish UV Light With 4 Timers for two hand,...

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Best price 4 DIOZO UV Nail Lamp 48W

DIOZO UV Nail Lamp 48W

This is the ideal UV nail lamp for people on a budget. Curing time is around 20 seconds and is half the cost of traditional UV nail Lamps in the market
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DIOZO UV Nail Lamp Review

If you want to do a professional manicure at home, then you need to invest in one of the best lamps for gel nails. This DIOZO UV Nail Lamp review will help you understand why it’s a must-have for salon-quality manicures.

The UV lamp provides the ultimate cure to complete your manicure. With its efficient design, this UV nail lamp can cure more than 500 nails in a single day. Another unique feature of the lamp is that it’s made from lightweight materials capable of operating quietly without producing any further noise. Furthermore, this gel nail lamp has a sturdy design that allows for easy carrying while traveling and features a folding stand. Last but not least, the lamp comes with free gloves to help you with a fuss-free application.

We took a closer look at this UV nail lamp, and here is what we found out.


The best thing about this lamp is that it’s easy to use and very much suitable for home use. Once you purchase it, all you have to do is plug it in, apply your gel on the nails, switch the light on and off. Within minutes, your nails would be cured.


There are a few drawbacks to this lamp. For one thing, it doesn’t come with a stand, but you can easily purchase a holder for it. Second, the gel nail polish that comes with this lamp is not quite good enough to achieve the polished look you see in salons.

Bottom Line

DIOZO UV Nail Lamp is the best UV nail lamp for gel nails because it’s suitable for home use and does not require any major adjustments to work properly.

48W LED Nail Lamp, DIOZO Portable Nail Dryer Manicure/Pedicure Curing Lamp with 30s 60s 99s Timer Plus Gloves Gift Suitable...

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5 Winjoy UV Nail Lamp 168W

Winjoy UV Nail Lamp 168W

We loved this so much and, and we believe that it deserves to be on the #2 or even #1 spot. However, it is quite expensive compared to other UV nail lamps in its category. Thus we will give it an honorable mention.

Enjoy UV Nail Lamp Review

Enjoy nail lamp is the best choice for a fresh manicure. It aims at a healthy and long-lasting manicure. This nail lamp has got two modes; one is curing mode, which uses UV light to cure nails and make them hard, the other one is drying mode, which uses LED lights to dry nails quickly. It cures up to 15 seconds each time, 5 times faster than traditional curing methods like UV lamps. Enjoy nail lamp has got a lot of good reviews from customers who have tried it out.

The Enjoy UV Nail Lamp is a revolutionary device that works with an LED bulb to cure and dry up your nails. The LED bulb continuously emits ultraviolet light, which is then absorbed by the gel or acrylic (if present) in your nail. The UV light in the gel or acrylic reacts with the nitrogen in the air to create a nitric acid that hardens the gel or acrylic. This process quickens curing time and prevents peeling nails, cracks, etc. However, it is not recommended for use if you have already had any nail treatment done at a salon before.

UV LED Nail Lamp for Gel Nails, Winjoy 168W UV Nail Dryer for Gel Polish with 4 Timmer Settings, Auto...

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Our #1 pick is Easkep UV Nail lamp.  It is the best in its class.  It provides a complete set of features and benefits for flawless polish application and has accrued overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon. This lamp can also be used for curing other UV gel gels, such as contacts, etc.

The watts of a UV nail lamp are measured in 1/4 of a watt.  The bigger the number is, the stronger the UV ray or heat radiation is.  We recommend you set it as low as much as possible so that your gel polish will neither be too hot nor too hard.

Many UV lamp manufacturers sell their products under different names with similar features and benefits (for example: “professional grade,” “high-quality,” “long life,” etc.).  While there are some differences in quality and performance among brands, these do not have any impact on the number of positive reviews each lamp has received on Amazon.

If you use the Shellac nail polish, we recommend you pick up the easily-accessible #1 pick from our list above. The shellac tends to evaporate faster than other nail polishes.

It depends on your technique and how intense the light is (UV intensity).  There are two different curing ways: direct radiation (without combining with a LED light) or without using any accent irradiation (LED light only).  Curing through natural radiation is more efficient, but it takes a longer time.

Again, it depends on your technique and how intense the light is (UV intensity).  For regular polish applications, for example, you can use any lamp from our list above.

Not usually.  But if you do not take care of your manicure base well enough, yes.  And you could end up with a scratched-up surface if you do not stand back while curing your acrylic nails with a vital UV light source.

LED nail lamp uses LED lights instead of UV rays to cure the liquid gel.  As it is not ignited by the sun, it is safer and doesn’t have any side effects.

UV nail lamp has a portion (usually in the middle) equipped with a large amount of UV light bulbs and a smaller part at the top fitted with a small amount of LED lights.  It cures your nails by radiating by both UV light and LED light simultaneously.  It has temperature control features and can usually be controlled separately from the LED lights.

UV nail lamps are used for polishing and curing gel nail polish.  They have been invented to cure gel nails at salons professionally but may also be used in the home.  On a good quality lamp, the LED light and UV rays will cure your nail polish on the skin of your nail bed and a base coat before drying.

High-power lamps are usually more expensive than normal ones as they provide stronger radiation.  It is unnecessary to buy them if you do not need them, however, due to their high price people often think that they are really superior.

It depends on what kind of UV nail lamp you are using.  Typically, it ranges from 20W (most common) – 80W (the most powerful).

In general, it takes 10 -14 seconds to cure a UV resin piece in a 9-watt nail dryer machine.  Of course, it is different if the quality of the lamp or the part is not the best.

It depends on your technique and how intense the light is (UV intensity).  We recommend you set it as low as much as possible so that your gel polish will neither be too hot nor too hard. You should also check and see if there are any temperature indicators inside of the UV lamp.

Diozo UV nail lamp is the best affordable option on the market – equipped with a funky design and a reasonable price for its quality.

If you are looking for something that looks like a good nail lamp but is cheaper, you will benefit more from LED nail lamps because UV lamps are more expensive.  In the past, LED nail curing lights were not as powerful and were not fit for professional work.  But nowadays, every company has one in their lineup.

No, it’s not possible to use on dry hands since it uses UV rays and emits heat from its surface, and it could burn your fingers or hand.
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