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Skating down the pavement, weaving through obstacles, and feeling the wind rush past your face is an exhilarating experience, isn’t it? But as a skateboarder, are you ensuring that thrill does not come at the expense of your safety? One of the most crucial pieces of safety equipment for any skateboarder is the helmet. Whether you’re grinding on rails or cruising city streets, making sure you have the best skateboard helmet on your head could be the difference between a close call and a trip to the hospital.

Our Top Picks

Our #1 Top Pick: Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet

The Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet tops our list for several reasons. Designed with safety and comfort in mind, it meets both ASTM F-1492 and CPSC Safety Standards, ensuring it’s up to the task of protecting riders during both high-impact and multiple low-force crashes. Not to be overlooked is its Sweatsaver Liner, which aids in sweat absorption and provides a snug fit – crucial for both comfort and safety as it prevents the helmet from shifting during motion. Moreover, with a variety of sizes and an adjustable dial system, this helmet offers a customized fit for a broad range of head sizes. Its understated style, coupled with a solid construction, makes it a go-to for skaters who value safety and a timeless look.

Pick #2: Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet

Pro-Tec is synonymous with skateboard culture, and its Classic Certified Skate Helmet maintains that legacy. This helmet boasts the classic skate design that has been iconic in the skateboarding world for decades. More than aesthetics, it has a high-density PE shell and 2-stage inner foam liner that absorb and disperse impacts efficiently. It comes in various colors and their attention to ventilation is evident with its 11 vents, ensuring you keep a cool head while doing tricks at the skate park. If style combined with a trusted brand name and reliability is what you’re after, the Pro-Tec Classic is a solid choice.

Pick #3: Bern Unlimited Watts EPS Summer Helmet

Bern Unlimited Watts EPS Summer Helmet brings versatility and year-round comfort. Its defining feature is the removable visor, which helps shade your eyes on sunny days and can be taken off for a sleeker look. The EPS foam meets safety standards, offering solid protection, and the helmet comes with a ‘crank fit,’ which lets you adjust the tightness easily for a perfectly snug fit. It’s also compatible with a winter liner which can be purchased separately, making it an excellent helmet for all-season skating. If you switch between biking and skateboarding, this could be the convenient, multi-use helmet you need.

Pick #4: S-ONE Lifer CPSC – Multi-Impact Helmet

The S-ONE Lifer CPSC – Multi-Impact Helmet is an excellent pick for those who prioritize safety above all. What sets it apart is its multi-impact feature; it’s designed to withstand more than just a one-time crash, making it a durable choice for regular riders. Compliant with CPSC standards for high impact, it has a deep fit design which offers an extra layer of foam for additional protection. Its large vent holes ensure ample air circulation, keeping the skater’s head cool. Durability, a snug fit, and a reputation for being worn by professional skaters make the S-ONE Lifer an attractive option for serious skateboarders.

Pick #5: Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

For the younger skateboarder, the Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet brings a blend of safety features tailored for children. Its ergonomic interior padding is comfortable and secure, and the extra sizing pads allow for the perfect fit as the rider grows. Seventeen vents ensure that the young skater remains cool, even after hours of active skating, while the side release buckles allow for quick and easy adjustments. While it’s a youth helmet, it doesn’t skimp on safety, meeting all CPSC standards. It’s a great starter helmet, providing peace of mind for parents and a cool look for kids.

What to Know Before You Buy

When setting out to buy a skateboard helmet, there are several key points you should be aware of to ensure you make an informed purchase. Here’s what you need to know:

– Safety Standards Compliance: Check if the helmet meets industry safety standards such as ASTM, CPSC, or EN 1078.
– Right Fit: The helmet must fit snugly on your head. A loose helmet can come off during an accident, rendering it useless.
– Adjustable Straps: Ensure that the helmet has adjustable straps to secure it properly under your chin.
– Comfort and Padding: Look for helmets with adequate padding for both protection and comfort.
– Ventilation: Adequate ventilation is important as it allows air to flow through, keeping you cool.
– Multi-Impact vs. Single-Impact: Determine whether you need a single-impact helmet or a multi-impact helmet based on your skating habits.
– Type of Skating: Consider the type of skateboarding you do, as different disciplines might require different helmet features.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

Selecting the right skateboard helmet goes beyond just picking one with a cool design. Here are the factors to take into account before making your purchase:

– Durability: The materials and build quality of the helmet will determine how well it can withstand impact and the wear and tear of regular use.
– Size and Fit: Measure your head and consult the manufacturer’s sizing chart to get the best fit. It’s always recommended to try on helmets before purchasing.
– Weight: A heavy helmet can be uncomfortable and may not be worn consistently. Aim for a lightweight helmet that doesn’t sacrifice safety.
– Certification: Look for helmets that are dual certified for both skateboarding and bike riding if you participate in multiple activities.
– Visibility: Make sure the helmet doesn’t obstruct your vision. Peripheral vision is essential for safety while riding.
– Price: Invest in a helmet that offers the best combination of safety features and quality for your budget.
– Brand Reputation: Consider purchasing from brands with a good reputation for quality and safety.

Why Trust ChooseRight?

Here at ChooseRight, we take the task of selecting the best skateboard helmets seriously. Through an extensive process, we have carefully reviewed a multitude of helmets, read countless reviews from customers and sought feedback directly from experts and professional skateboarders. Our recommendations are not just based on specifications and marketing materials; they’ve been examined for real-world performance and user satisfaction. We strive to provide you with advice that is not only informative but also actionable, ensuring you make a choice that keeps you skating safely for years to come.

Finishing Thoughts

Picking the right skateboard helmet is just as crucial as choosing the board itself. With our top picks based on safety, comfort, and style, you can feel confident while riding. Whether you’re a seasoned skater or just starting out, protecting your head should be your top priority. With the detailed review provided, finding a helmet that suits your needs and keeps you safe while you enjoy the sport of skateboarding should now be a breeze. Remember, the best skateboard helmet is the one that you’ll wear every time you skate, so choose wisely and stay safe!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to wear a skateboard helmet?

Wearing a skateboard helmet is crucial as it significantly reduces the risk of head injuries. Skateboarding can lead to falls and collisions, and a helmet is designed to absorb impact and protect the skull and brain.

What should I consider when choosing a skateboard helmet?

When selecting a skateboard helmet, consider its safety certifications, fit, construction materials, ventilation, and comfort. Make sure that it’s specifically designed for skateboarding and fits snugly without being too tight.

Are all skateboard helmets the same?

No, skateboard helmets vary in terms of design, materials, weight, ventilation, and additional features. Some are better suited for casual riding, while others are built for professionals and high-risk tricks.

How do I know if my skateboard helmet fits properly?

A proper-fitting skateboard helmet should sit on your head comfortably and securely. It shouldn’t wobble side to side or front to back. The chin strap should be snug but not overly tight, and you should be able to fit one or two fingers between your chin and the strap.

How often should I replace my skateboard helmet?

You should replace your helmet every 3–5 years, sooner if it’s taken any significant impacts or shows signs of damage. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines, as some may specify a different lifespan.

Can I use a bike helmet for skateboarding?

While some bike helmets may offer a level of protection, it’s best to use a helmet specifically designed for skateboarding. Skateboard helmets usually have more coverage and protection for the back of the head.

What does it mean when a helmet is ASTM or CPSC certified?

ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) certifications indicate that the helmet has been tested and meets specific safety standards for impact resistance and coverage.

Do professional skateboarders wear helmets?

Many professional skateboarders wear helmets, especially during competitions and when performing high-risk tricks. It’s a personal choice, but helmet use is strongly advocated in the skateboarding community, especially for beginners and during public skatepark sessions.

Can I customize or add stickers to my skateboard helmet?

Customizing a helmet with stickers is generally fine as long as they don’t cover any damage or defects. However, painting a helmet or making structural modifications can compromise its integrity and safety.

Is there a difference between men’s and women’s skateboard helmets?

Most skateboard helmets are unisex and can be worn by anyone, provided they fit properly. Some brands may offer designs and colors targeted towards specific genders, but the safety and construction principles remain the same.

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